My Name Is Joy Tucker

A Creative Blogger with a Love for the Fantastical.


I’ve worked as a both a freelancer and corporate Graphic and Web designer for 6 years now since graduating Towson University with a degree in Digital Art and Design 6 years ago. The field never stops changing and morphing therefore, I keep learning.


As a child, a nickname of mine was “Gadget Girl” and as I’ve grown the implications are still the same. I enjoy technology, I implement it in everyday. I like taking something fascinating and curious, sitting down and figuring it out. Im a tinkerer at heart.

Arts Geek

The Arts is a passion of mine. I follow, participate in and study art of all types. Whether it’s gallery exhibits, musical shows, ballet and theatrical performances, or just myself taking up the brush to start on an oil painting, my interests revolve around art, theatre and music.

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